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Easy Method to grab an IP

I am not taking responsibility for how you use this method. Remember doxing is against the forum rules. And this tutorial is for educational purposes only. The only requirement for this method is a little social engineering.

1. First, head over to

2. Then, you will want to choose a link to redirect your target to after they click on your link. Some good examples are links to youtube videos and pictures, but it's essential to match the domain link generated.

3. Now, you get to select a custom domain for the link generated. You have many options to choose from here. Just make sure it looks as legitimate as possible at first glance.

4. Make sure to turn off bot traffic, so the IP logger does not show any irrelevant IPs.

5. Now, start a conversation with your target. Once you are comfortable, send them the link and hope that they click on it. Because it will redirect to a page, they are probably expecting they won't notice a thing.

Congratulations, you now have your target IP address.
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