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crypto minning

hello yall , 

if you want a easy way to mine BTC without all the hassel of having a power rig or hardware or even software well your in luck i have been using this browser for about 2 months now and have already mined around .002 btc.  the more of use that use this browser the faster you mine BTC

i have given you all the link above to join and download the browser and start minning Crypto right away .. 

its easy and legit if it wasnt i would not post this

steps to start

1.  click link

2. download the browser for PC/Mac/  and if you want android/IOS

3. sign up with crytotab the link i shared with you all

4. after verifying your email and signing in you will start minning right away the longer you have it up and use the browser the more BTC you will mine..

extra speed

if you want to mine even faster buy a cloud burst (i buy x4 and it really did wonders now i buy x10 and lets just say i mine really fast and if we all use this browser our minning network will be huge and we all will be making some hefty BTC. 

best part is that this is free and with my link 
  you can get a jump start right away .. 

like i said more we have in the network using the browswer the better so lets build us a minning network for all of us 

again is the link if you somehow missed it above and share my link with friends the more the better

simple way of saying is 

larger minning network = more money (easy) to be made

  for help setting it up or questions about it feel free to PM me on here 
    you crypto guru ,   

Thanks for the share Smile

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